Our Story


~ Health from the hive for generations ~

Yumbee Bee Products Initiative, which started in July 2020, is an awareness movement that aims to provide fair trade and social benefit in the sector with high proline raw honey and other bee products within the framework of the production policy that preserves the ecological balance.

With the Yumbee brand idea that was planted while Botan was studying Japanese Language and Literature, who learned beekeeping from his forefathers, We aim to bring the endemic diversity in Anatolia together with our quality by producing the most natural state of raw honey and other bee products, which have different meanings and importance in almost every culture.

With our innovative brand, we aim to strengthen the image of Turkish brands in the foreign market by carrying our country, which is among the leaders in honey production, to the top in exports. We support rural development while preventing income inequality by protecting producers through contract fair trade. With our different understanding of production in raw honey and pollen production, we will improve the impact area of ​​our individual awareness through scientific methods.

We are a pioneer in the sector with our product packaging. We know; Although the economic cost of plastics is less, the permanent marks they leave in nature are not innocent. We started to change our habits by producing alternatives. While the cardboard packaging we prefer to use can be recycled, the damage caused by plastics to nature is almost non-recyclable. We say ‘’we are in the awareness of reducing disposable plastic waste’’.

We seem to hear wondering what concepts such as fair trade, contract beekeeping, and safe food are. We want to share our individual awareness with you and listen to your ideas. For questions in your mind and more, you can visit our website, follow us on our social media accounts, and write to hello@yumbee.com.tr. We look forward to getting to know you.

We care about the traces we leave on the world. Become a partner in the awareness movement we started to protect our planet!

Hoping for a fair, sustainable world that respects nature.

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